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19 May 2010 @ 02:16 pm
Glee - "Laryngitis" - 1x18  
I'm late getting this up, but better than never!

1x18 - Laryngitis
I felt like this entire episode was just blah, for lack of another word. The stories, the songs, the overall premise of the episode. All that aside, I missed Emma. They can't just leave her out of episodes anymore; not cool.

I'm kind of over Puck's character. I don't believe the Mercedes/Puck relationship for a minute. They don't have that kind of chemistry and I wouldn't put them together at all. I know Mercedes says she sees that it's not that kind of relationship, but still.

I'm still digging the Quinn/Mercedes friendship. I like that Quinn is semi-watching out for her. It's this sweet little underlying friendship that pops up every once in a while.

The lack of mo-hawk story was lame. How does lack of hair contribute to popularity? I know this is television, but still.

Originally, I didn't feel back for Kurt when his dad started seriously dating Finn's mom. He's intentions were for his own good and he got burned when his plan backfired. Now, however, after discussing this story with my mother, he's feeling distance from his dad. He's dad is all he has and his dad is connecting more with Finn and not including Kurt. His hurt, in this episode, is validated. I'm glad he stood up for himself and told his dad what he was feeling.

Twitter was all ablaze with comments that Kurt was "a lesbian" in this episode. This is one of two storylines that I actually enjoyed for this episode. He's trying to be something that he is not. He's just not that kind of person.

The other storyline is Rachel, Finn, and . First, Finn accompanies her to the doctor's. The kid is really trying to show he wants to be with Rachel, but she's resisting. Corey did a GREAT job with "Jesse's Girl". I think that's up there amongst his greatest performances on the show. Easily.

I think it was sweet that he brought Rachel to meet his friend, Shawn. This was the other storyline that I enjoyed. Initially, Rachel is uncomfortable and doesn't understand the purpose. Finn's intentions are to show Rachel that she needs to appreciate what else she has to offer. She's not just a girl with a great voice.

This episode could have done without the Mercedes/Puck/Santana storyline. I didn't care for it and was actually finding myself bored when that story resurfaced.

Favorite line? "I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!" - Rachel
Favorite performance? "Rose's Turn" - "One" is a close runner up, as I ADORE that song, but I actually felt like that was a little drab. Chris did a phenomenal job with "Rose's Turn". Perfect song for Kurt.

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jezzibellajezzibella on May 19th, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I didn't buy any of the songs either. I have "Rose's Turn" and "One" now, due to the new album released yesterday, but I wasn't going to purchase any of them. I was bored with this episode, sadly.

However, I LOVED yesterday's episode. I'll do a write-up of that one later tonight. Loved every single moment of it.