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05 May 2010 @ 09:49 pm
Glee - 1x17 "Bad Reputation"  
My rambling review of last night's episode...

1x17 - Bad Reputation
First things first, I didn't like this episode as much as last week's, but I did enjoy it.

As much as I hated Sue throwing Will under the bus, I loved seeing angry!Emma. Hearing and seeing her break out of her shy shell was really refreshing, though she did get a little carried away. As carried away as she got, she made some really valid arguments. It's not fun for her to be in therapy. She IS trying to get better, so they can have a relationship and while she's doing that, he did have a make-out session with Shelby and had a sleepover (however literal) with April. I thought it was sweet for Will to bring her flowers towards the end, after their altercation and I'm glad that Emma wants to keep distance between them. I do think that they will end up together, but I think Emma is exactly right in her motives. I still think that Will needs to play bachelor for a little while. He hasn't been single in a long time. Bringing the flowers and showing Emma that he's ultimately still interested in her was a great move on his part, but he's certainly not ready for any serious commitment.

Did not like "Can't Touch This". I did not like the set up. I didn't see how it was going to make them "badass". I just don't like it. I feel like the writers just wanted to give those characters something to do.

I liked the dancing in "Ice, Ice Baby", but I wasn't crazy about the song. It's nice to see the entire group dancing, but you can clearly point out the professional dancers, particularly Heather and Harry.

I'm really excited to see Molly Shannon. She almost always plays the same kind of character and she's just so crazy. I also like that they didn't play her up because she's a guest star. It's just nice to see a new, familiar face in there. I think she did a nice job and I hope she develops a mini-storyline in there as well.

I adored the over-acting in "Run, Joey, Run", particularly in Rachel and Puck. Rachel is such an overachiever. I just read a review where they basically came out and said Rachel is obnoxious. I've been analyzing Rachel lately (-nerd-) and while we were watching, during commercial breaks, Amy brought up a good point. Rachel is obnoxious. She is an overachiever. That is her character. She is annoying. If you watch the initial episodes, I really believe that's how you're supposed to feel about her. But as Amy said, you learn that's how she is and when you get to the back nine, you understand her. You understand WHY she's that way. You know her story. She knows what she wants to be. She knows where she wants to go. She knows all of this, but at the same time, I do feel she's incredibly self-conscious in another avenue. She's constantly striving for popularity. She's a deeply complex character and I honestly believe that.

I thought I'd like the remake of "Let's Get Physical", but I actually didn't. I'm not sure what it was. I think, again, they needed to give Sue something to do. The storyline could have rested with the kids exposing her personal remake and having it come to resolution with some other outlet. She's now considered a ~celebrity~ and I did read spoilers that pertain to the finale that include this celebrity status. I just felt like this storyline was out of place.

I enjoyed the Jesse/Puck/Finn/Rachel square(?) and I absolutely loved it coming to a head with "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It's a great song and Lea performed it fantastically. I loved it.

I'm happy to see Quinn getting a little more attention. Every week, I'm hoping she'll get more lines, but she only gets one. Her scene with Will, where he tells her he knows she created the glist, was well-acted. Those tears just rolled down her face. It was perfect. I think this shows that Quinn is still bitter and I wish the writers would explore/explain this a little more. She was at such a forefront in the first set of episodes. She's been hidden in the back during these few episodes back.

I found this episode to be both progressive (see Will & Emma and Quinn)and stagnant. I think this also comes from everything that happened in last week's episode, "Home". That's a hard episode to follow.

Favorite line? "If this relationship is ever going to work, we have to start seeing each other for who we really are." - Emma
Favorite performance? "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Well performed, well acted. I just loved it.

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